Fix & flip

Fix and flip with a private money loan and off market properties

Funded Capital provides fast and reliable fix and flip loans. Receive a steady stream of off market properties.

why work with us?


Waiting on a slow lending process is a thing of the past. Our platform will automate the whole process allowing you to know exactly what's going on every step of the way.

  • Quick Closing: Close in as little as 10 business days to ensure your offers are as attractive as possible. No appraisals needed.
  • High Leverage: No need to spend your own capital. We offer up to 90% LTC and 100% of all rehab costs.
  • Low Rates & Fees: As low as 6.50%. No application fee, no appraisal fee and no due diligence fee.
  • Low Doc: No income, employment or asset verification necessary. 

Tired of competing with Retail buyers on the MLS and having to overpay? Our exclusive Off Market Inventory will eliminate the headaches and maximize your profit margins.

  • What are off market properties? These properties are being sold by motivated sellers. 
  • Why are they motivated? Pre-foreclosure, short sale, divorce, recent death, property is distressed, etc.
  • How do we bring you these properties? After your initial consultation call, our agents will determine your budget and market criteria. We will mass advertise to motivated sellers, free of cost to you.
  • How long until an agent will start sending me properties? 24 to 48 hours after your consultation call, your agent will start sending you the properties we find with a full analysis and cost breakdown.

Get The Best Deals

Our Private Money Agents work side by side with our Off Market Agents to ensure your deals are getting the best automated approval.

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